Ayelet Raziel Art

About Me

Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, 1983 πŸ’« Passionate about art and music ever since.
In 2009 graduated a graphic design degree at Holon Institute of Technology πŸ“ and spent the next decade mastering various fields of the graphic design industry.

Since 2018 focusing on self discovery and artistic exploration, translating funky rhythms and raw emotion into broken geometry and vibrant colors 🌈 Curious about polarities of light & dark, masculine & feminine, presence & absence πŸŒ—

Joyfully roaming the streets of Tel Aviv, dancing and occasionally playing music for people πŸ’Ώ

I like to play and explore πŸ‘Ύ

Contact me πŸ‘‹

at ayeletra@gmail.com 
or dribble / instagram / society6 
I also make mixtapes β™«β™ͺ♬

9 women illustrators to follow on dribbble  
Society6 Art quarterly 4.1

"Out of the Bush", Office Gallery TLV, June 2018  
"Corridor Discourse", PasΓ‘ΕΎ TLV, October 2018  
"Light Pollution", Nightlight festival 5 TLV, December 2018

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